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20 January 2021

Special Occasions, Special Recipes

As we make another turn around the sun, we’re sure to mark our 2021 calendars of our favorite special occasions. With the winter holidays in the rear-view mirror, we can start the countdown to longer, sunnier days where we can eat outside together again. And while working from home has its challenges, it’s given us a welcome opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones and time cooking quality meals for our families. If you are looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, check out some of our favorite Pastene recipes.

January (the month that seems to last forever)

For those with a New Year’s Resolutions to eat healthier, simple alternatives to common cooking ingredients can help put a healthy twist on any meal. Try sparking up a salad with our Pickled Cauliflower or Giardiniera. You may want to switch out your usual olive or vegetable oil with our lighter Sunflower Oil. Don’t worry, you can still eat plenty of your favorite, mouth-watering meals. Another serving of Grilled Eggplant Parm, anyone?

For a more traditional route to keep warm during the peak winter season, Polenta is a great, versatile option. We highly recommend warming up with our easy and delicious,  Creamy Cheesy Polenta with Spicy Sausage and Pepperoni Gravy

Superbowl Sunday

You know Spring is in sight when football season comes to an end! If there’s one time for a hail-mary in the kitchen, it’s the professional sports holiday of the year. Get ready for game day with Pastene’s signature Tailgate Gift Box stuffed with all of the necessary fixins’ for delicious, can’t-miss platters. Or warm yourself up with a zesty bowl of homemade Chili made with Minced Garlic and Red Kidney Beans. Whether you’re tailgating in your driveway or watching from the couch, don’t compromise on food when you can have the best of both worlds. 

Valentine’s Day

Love is still in the air, pandemic be damned. While grand romantic gestures might be a little harder to pull off this year than in the past, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun, romantic evening cooking for two at home. Now’s the perfect time to try making something you’ve never done before, like pizza from scratch! Go above and beyond to dazzle your loved one with a Margherita Pizza topped with a blend of sweet tomatoes and savory spices from Pastene’s Pizza Sauce. Looking to cook something a little more formal? Test your skills with our Date Night Gift Box, which provides all you need to prepare a delicious pasta dinner for two that’ll look like it’s straight out of the movies. Cooking together while sharing a glass of your favorite wine will make for the perfect Valentine’s Day date.  — or prepare as a surprise. Pass the Parmesan, please. 

Mother’s Day

Springtime: when the cold has lifted and the days are longer. Maybe this isn’t the year to surprise your mom with the car she’s always wanted, but hey, handing her a Bloody Mary while you surprise her with brunch isn’t a bad way to show her your appreciation either. 

With our focus firmly on 2021, we give thanks for our loved ones and look forward to making this year better than the last. These are just a few ways to make each day and each holiday as special as can be. More than ever, we are reminded that the best things in life are the little things. Sometimes, all we truly need is good company and good food, and with Pastene, you’ve got both. Cheers!

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