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Pimiento Salad Club Sandwich


8 Servings
2 jarsPastene diced pimientos
1 cupPastene hot cherry peppers sliced
1/2 cupPastene sweet banana peppers chopped
1/2 cupfresh parsley chopped
1/4 cupsliced fresh chives
1/4 cupPastene Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 tbspdijon mustard
1/2 tspcrushed red pepper
salt and pepper
1/2 cupmayonnaise
16 slicessharp cheddar cheese
1 1lbsmoked turkey
16 slicesbacon (cooked)
torn lettuce leaves


  • Split ciabatta rolls and lay top halves beside bottoms.
  • Stir together Pastene Diced Pimentos, peppers, parsley, chives, dijon mustard, crushed red peppers, and oil in a bowl, then season with salt and pepper.
  • Evenly spread mayonnaise on the interior of the top half of the roll and the pimiento mix on the bottom half.
  • Top evenly with cheddar, turkey, bacon, and lettuce. Top with roll.
  • Chill for up to 12 hours until ready to serve.

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