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Pizza with Capers, Olives, and Tuna


8 Servings
pizza dough (homemade or store bought)
1/4 cupPastene Extra Virgin Olive Oil
14ozPastene Chateau Tomato Sauce
1.5 cupsPastene parmesan cheese
12ozPastene tonno, drained
2 1/2onions
1 canPastene Sliced Ripe Olives
1.5 jars (5 oz)Pastene Non-Pareille Capers
2 tbsporegano


  • Set your oven to its highest temperature. It should heat for an hour before you want to cook your pizza. (The temperature will later be changed to 480 degrees).
  • Knead the pizza dough (dough recipe here) in flour for 3-5 mins, then begin to roll out the dough using your rolling pin. Make sure your dough is rolled out thin with raised edges. Continuously pick up your dough to make sure it doesn’t stick and keep adding flour to the bottom. (Skip this step if using pre-made crust).
  • Gently move your dough onto a metal surface or sheet pan.
  • Massage a light layer of Pastene oil into your dough.
  • Cover dough evenly with Pastene Chateau. Use as much sauce as desired.
  • Sprinkle Pastene Parmesan evenly over the sauce, using as much as you like.
  • Next, add your topping. You can add your sliced onion, olives, capers, and tuna to preference. Using a fork to break up the tuna can make it easier to spread/sprinkle across the pizza. Make sure to drain your olives and capers.
  • Bake pizza in oven for 10 mins until the crust is golden and crispy and the cheese looks melted.

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