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Scampi with Herb and Balsamic Sauce


4 Servings
1red onion, finely chopped
1/2 cupPastene Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tspchopped fresh rosemary
2 tbspchopped fresh basil
1 tbspPastene Balsamic Vinegar
1/4 tspraw medium shrimp, shell and deveined
1leek, white part only, in julienne strips
8small pattypan squash
Pastene Grated Parmsesan Cheese
salt and pepper


  • Combine onion, ½ cup olive oil, rosemary, basil, vinegar, and pepper. Pour mixture over scampi. Toss to coat and let marinate 30 minutes. 
  • Meanwhile, cook julienned leek in boiling salted water for 2 minutes. Drain and reserve.
  • Cook pattypan squash in boiling salted water for 8 minutes. Drain, quarter, and set aside. 
  • Heat scampi marinade in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add scampi and cook for about 5 minutes, turning once. 
  • Season leek and squash with salt and pepper. Serve with scampi and some of the hot marinade sauce, garnished with grated Parmesan shavings.

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