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tuna, tomato, capers, pine nuts, basil
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Tomato Stuffed With Tuna, Capers, Basil & Pine Nuts (Pignoli)!

This recipe was sent in by one of the Pastene Amici. Always ready to try something new, especially if it's quick, easy and Italian, we put it together in the Pastene Kitchen. Inspired by the simplicity, we decided to try it and found this recipe was just right for the Pastene Tonno, and would make this a truly wonderful appetizer or easily a complete and elegant low calorie lunch. Dolphin Safe

The recipe is as tasty as it looks. It is balanced in flavor and taste with any style of Pastene tunas. The combination of basil, capers, pine nuts and olive oil makes each bite delicious and delicate. Tuna is a high-protein, zero-carbohydrate food. It is also low in sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fat. Tuna has zero Trans Fats. Experts agree that fatty fish are one of the best source of omega-3 fatty acids and a good place to start for a healthy lifestyle. Make it part of your Mediterranean diet.

The Recipe:

It will take about twenty minutes to put this dish together, depending on how many you'll be serving. If you were to use this as an appetizer it could be made up ahead of time and set in the refrigerator under plastic wrap. You will need a pan for roasting the pine nuts, a bowl for mixing the tuna, a knife and spoon to hollow out the tomatoes and a platter to put the stuffed tomatoes.


1  5 oz can Tonno in olive oil
1/2  2.oz jar of Pastene Imported Pine Nuts (Pignoli)
1/2 3.5oz jar of Pastene Imported Capers (Non-Pareille)
6 Medium plum tomatoes (long thin tomato) or 30 small cherry tomatoes
1 fresh basil leaf
Pastene Extra Virgin Olive oil (drizzle to taste)
Salt and black pepper (pinch to taste)


Drain a can of tuna. Flake into a bowl and toss with the capers, toasted pine nuts and chopped basil. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and black pepper. Cut in half and hollow out both halves of the tomatoes then fill with the tuna salad. Garnish with additional basil. And it's ready to serve.

Enjoy these recipes. Tell us experience when you prepared and served this dish by sending an e-mail to: Live well, eat healthy, and thanks for choosing Pastene.

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