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5 May 2022

DIY for the Summer

With over 148 years of experience, it’s no secret that Pastene has the highest quality products that turn meals into memories, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve enjoyed the last few bites of your favorite Pastene products, rather than toss that package into the recycle bin, there are tons of exciting DIY projects to try. 

Last year, we teamed up with @ScrappyGeek to transform Pastene glass pasta sauce jars into Tiki Torches for the perfect picnic centerpiece. We also worked with @DomestiKatedLife to repurpose our containers using patterned paper and glue to create summer-y vessels to hold your utensils, flowers, and other dining needs, all while brightening up your table for guests to enjoy. These thoughtful details can elevate any outdoor get-together—plus, they’re fun and easy to make! 

With another summer just around the corner, check out these cool new DIY ideas you can do with reusable Pastene cans and jars. This is the kind of project the whole family can enjoy or invite some friends over for a wine and DIY party!

Start by flexing your green thumb! Making an herb garden is a great way to ensure you always have fresh herbs and seasonings at the ready. Grab a few seed packets of different herbs or veggies like basil, rosemary, or tomatoes, and plant them in one of our reusable glass jars or cans. Whether you line them along a kitchen windowsill or group them in a garden bed, these little planters will bring some cheerful color (and delicious flavor) into your home. 

For a backyard get-together, Pastene glass jars as candle holders are a simple way to add style and a touch of elegance to your table. With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, Pastene jars grouped together on a tray add dimension and make for an eye-catching centerpiece and lighting ambiance when the sun sets. 

Warm weather is also synonymous with wedding season. Whether it’s for a friend tying the knot or your own nuptials, these “just married” cans are a thoughtful, affordable way to spread a little extra love on the big day. Using various sizes of recycled tin cans, print out pretty labels with phrases like “just married,” or “happily ever after” to wrap around the cans and tie them together with long strands of ribbon. These DIY cans will make for the perfect send-off when tied to the back of the newlywed’s car.

We can all vouch for the delicious, sweet tangy flavor of a tomato. But the scent itself also makes for a great candle! Grab a recycled Pastene tin can (preferably of your favorite tomato product) to use as the candle container. Tomato flower fragrance oil is accessible and affordable—plus you only need a few drops per candle. Once it’s completed, cooled, and ready to be lit, you can apply a cute homemade label over the Pastene packaging, or let the logo stay as is, making for a cheerful, clever accessory indoors or out. Another option is to simply fill one of our glass jars with citronella torch oil and a fabric wick for a quick and easy way to keep the flys away!

Like you, we know how important it is for each of us to do our part when it comes to recycling and repurposing. There are plenty of fun and easy ways to get creative while repurposing our packaging—be sure to share your own DIY projects with us on social @pasteneusa!

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