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26 September 2023


Back-to-School Easy Meal Planning: 20+ New Groceries To Up the Game

Heading back to school means more activities, conflicting schedules, and family members in and out of the house. Don’t let your meals become tasteless and boring just because your free cooking time isn’t as abundant. With these delicious new groceries and fun foods, you’ll be easy meal planning in no time.


It’s time to get busy in the kitchen and cook up a storm for your guests. But what will you prepare? There is only one answer: lasagne. Your dinner guests will be impressed by the piping hot lasagne the moment it emerges from the oven, with a delicious aroma filling the room. All of this is made possible by the authentic ingredients and premium Italian sauces found in the Pastene gift boxes. 

With roots dating back to 1874, Pastene has been distributing high-quality Italian food and fresh ingredients for over a century. With the Lasagna Lovers Gift Box, you can satisfy your guests’ lasagna cravings. The box includes the following:

  • 2 packs of Italian Lasagne Festonate
  • 1 Pasta Sauce
  • 1 Ground Peeled Tomato
  • 4.5oz Minced Garlic (1)
  • 6oz Tomato Paste (1)
  • 12oz Grated Parmesan Cheese (1)
  • 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1)

Every night should be pasta night which makes for some easy meal planning. Thanks to the Pastene Lasagna Lovers Gift Box, you can easily transform your kitchen into an authentic Italian restaurant.

SOURCE: DailyMom.com

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