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7 December 2020

Forbes: The Best Gifts For Newbie Home Cooks


By: Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner

This past year, even the worst cook you know may have picked up some new kitchen skills. Thanks to stay-at-home orders and just complete boredom, preparing food at home became a necessity for so many. While many home cooks are still mastering the basics, there are plenty of gifts to support their new hobby and encourage them to whip you up a nice meal as a thank you.

OurPlace Always Pan

Our Place's Always Pan in Sage
Our Place’s Always Pan in Sage OUR PLACE

This eight-in-one pan is perfect for the cook without a lot of high quality cookware, for sautéing, steaming, frying, flipping and more. Pretty much any recipe can be assembled in this gorgeous heavyweight aluminum and ceramic nonstick cookware, available in a variety of hues. $145, fromourplace.com

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A Giant Block Of Cheddar

The Big Cheese

It’s cheese week in the home kitchen! The Big Cheese offers 2.5 pound and 5 pound blocks of premium 12- to 15-year aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese. It’s sharp, it’s versatile, and will keep the new cook entertained with the endless recipe (and snacking) possibilities. $49, thebigcheese.comMORE FOR YOU2020 Looks To Be Ending With A Bang, With The Reveal Of The ‘Galactic Federation’America’s Three Richest People Are Now Positioned To Pay Zero State Income TaxWhere To Order Hanukkah Takeout In New York City

Specialty Pasta Gift Box

Pastene specialty gift box
Pastene specialty gift box PASTENE

For a well-priced carb-centric extravagance to inspire a cluster of red sauce recipes, go for Pastene’s specialty gift box, which includes a range of dried pastas, gnocchi, tomato products and more. $40, pastene.com

Five Two Bamboo Cutting Board

Five Two Bamboo Cutting Board
Five Two Bamboo Cutting Board FOOD52

Not only is this double sided cutting board the perfect prep surface for everything from crushing garlic to slicing a freshly roast chicken, but it’s specially designed with the home cook in mind. Thanks, in part, to the notch that supports a smartphone, so cooks can scroll through the recipe or cooking tips while preparing dinner. $59, food52.com

A kitchen plant

Greendigs' Rosemary
Greendigs’ Rosemary GREENDIGS

No kitchen is complete without an edible plant! Start by gifting something low maintenance, yet versatile, like potted rosemary, mint, or oregano. Greendigs ships elegantly potted kitchen plants, plus food, directly, and the herbs are ready to trim and eat as soon as they’re unpacked. $40, shopgreendigs.com

Sustainable meat stock up

Cream Co.'s Bunker Box
Cream Co.’s Bunker Box CREAM CO.

Committed to supporting sustainable, regenerative, and decentralized agriculture, Cream Co. Meats offers organic meats, responsibly raised without antibiotics from small, family-owned ranchers that are dedicated to sustainability. Fill up your loved one’s freezer with a Cream Co. Bunker Box full of ground meat, chops, steaks, a chicken and more. Over ten pounds of meat! $149, eatcream.co

Chef-curated wine

Wine Insiders' Ludo Lefebvre collection
Wine Insiders’ Ludo Lefebvre collection WINE INSIDERS

Amp up any level of home cooking by pairing it with wine curated by a Michelin starred chef. Chef Ludo Lefebrvre has curated several collections of his favorite food-pairing wines, go with everything from lobster thermidor to aged cheeses. From $49, wineinsiders.com

Whimsical organizational tools

Rifle Paper Co.'s recipe tin
Rifle Paper Co.’s recipe tin RIFLE PAPER CO.

Effective home cooks are always prepared, especially in the midst of lockdown season. Rifle Paper Co.’s adorable meal planners and grocery lists help keep recipe plans in tact. Throw in a festive recipe tin for your cook to write down their favorite creations from 2020 and beyond, and maybe a tea towel to keep the kitchen neat. Kitchen accessories from $15 riflepaperco.com

Alaskan King Crab

10th & M Seafoods Alaskan King Crab
10th & M Seafoods Alaskan King Crab GA DIGITAL PHOTOS

Anyone who’s been working hard in the kitchen this year deserves a special treat, especially one that may not be available in their local supermarket. Anchorage-based 10th & M Seafoods ships directly off the boat Alaskan seafood to the continental U.S., including their lauded large king crab legs and claws. $165 for three pounds, 10thandmseafoods.com

Adopt an Olive Oil Tree

Nudo's olive tree adoption kit
Nudo’s olive tree adoption kit NUDO

Gift a consumable that’s sustainable and grows while the new cook’s skills do- with no maintenance required! Nudo Adopt’s subscription olive oil allows you to “adopt” an olive tree from one of seven Italian groves and receive shipments of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil made by small-scale farmers. The gift includes a certificate of adoption plus three tins of high quality cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil directly from Italy. Starts at $79, nudoadopt.com



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