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3 May 2023

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Stock Up: 3 things you can pick up at a grocery store

Publix Assortment

Canned tomatoes

Pastene canned tomatoes are worth getting excited about. Chris and Mark Tosi are the fifth generation of the Pastene family to run the company, which was started in 1874 by Pietro Pastene. They use Italian tomatoes, including San Marzano DOP that are certified to have been grown in the Agro Nocerino Sarnese region. And, they also have California-grown tomatoes that are steam-peeled and crushed within hours of being harvested. The crushed tomatoes are labeled “kitchen ready,” and are topped with sweet tomato puree — ready to go into your favorite recipes. The coconut chickpea curry recipe on the Pastene website was a hit. These are the freshest tasting canned tomatoes we’ve tried, and the cans are so pretty that you won’t want to hide them in your pantry.

$2.79-$5.99 per 28-ounce can. Available at Publix and pastene.com.

SOURCE: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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