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21 April 2021

Making Sustainability Delicious & Fun

Our customers have invited us into their homes for generations because they know that our products, made from fresh, high-quality ingredients, help them turn meals into memories. We’ve earned their trust by holding our team and our suppliers to high-quality standards, including long-term sustainability practices.

Farming Practices

Pastene is part of a global community with sustainability as a critical component of our efforts to maintain top-tier ingredients. Our long-term outlook on sustainable farming practices is imperative to our efforts to ensure both quality and consistency. Sustainability is the capacity to endure, to meet the needs of the present without compromising that ability for future generations. Pastene takes a particular interest in farming because how our raw produce is grown and harvested this year directly affects the fields’ fertility for years to come.

Our farmers are at the forefront of agricultural and operational advancements, pioneering the use of efficient industrial equipment and executing innovative ways to reduce their negative footprint on the environment. For example, drip irrigation practices have been implemented in our tomato fields. Drip irrigation is a new crop feeding technique considered to be more sustainable due to how precisely water is delivered without creating as much waste. This practice not only decreases the amount of water required to harvest tomatoes and process waste, but it also reduces the energy needed for watering and enriches the nutrients underneath the soil more efficiently as the water is coming from below the plant instead of being sprayed on top.

Pastene works with growers in select locations worldwide—United States, Italy, Greece, Spain, Peru and Turkey—to ensure efficiencies and field longevity throughout the harvesting process while providing our customers with consistently rich, flavorful products year after year.

Sustainability at Home: Creative Ways to Repurpose Pastene Jars

 While the recent shortage of glass has made it more challenging for us to dependably secure glass for our packaging, many of our products use this lower carbon footprint alternative. What better way to do your part for the environment than to find some fun, practical ways to repurpose Pastene glass jars. Here are a few ideas to spur your creativity just in time for Spring!

Pastene jarred sauce mason jars make perfect candle holders, vases for cut flowers, cocktail glasses, soap dispensers, or an air-tight container for lunch on the go!

Our Pesto jar or Pignoli jar, a coat of craft paint, some twine, and voila — an adorable vase or spice jar!

A few simple steps turn our smaller Roasted Peppers jars into candle holders, a craft station, or a mini oil lamp, perfect indoors or out!

Together let’s build a better tomorrow through simple steps in our everyday lives! Try out some of these creations or ideas of your own, and be sure to tag us with the results @PasteneUSA!

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