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  • What does DOP stand for on your cans of San Marzano Tomatoes?

    DOP stands for Denominazione d’Origine Protetta – which means Protected Designation of Origin. These tomato cans are individually numbered and stamped to ensure that the tomatoes in the can are grown in the particular region of Italy. The region is called Agro-Sarnese-Nocerino. This stamp protects this area and ensures its authenticity. These tomatoes are dainty and tender and have amazing flavor.

  • It appears that something is floating in my vinegar – what is this?

    What you are most likely seeing is the formation of the “mother of the vinegar.” It is a natural fermentation of the grapes and poses no harm.

  • What is the shelf-life of your products?

    All of our products have “Best By” dates located somewhere on the packaging. We recommend they be used by the date on the package.

  • What does ‘Kitchen Ready’ mean and how are these tomatoes different than other varieties?

    Our ‘Kitchen Ready’ Tomatoes come straight from the field and are steam peeled and crushed. The product is filled with ¾ of these tomatoes and then topped with sweet tomato puree. The term ‘Kitchen Ready,’ comes from the fact that we have done some of the prep work for you in making your sauce. You can add meats, veggies, and other spices, or simply use it straight from the can. The difference between this item and our whole peeled tomatoes is that our whole peeled tomatoes need to be crushed or pureed and the juice is somewhat lighter than our kitchen ready. Depending how you like your sauce, you may need to add puree or paste to thicken the sauce.

  • Which of your products are Gluten Free?

    You can locate these items in our product descriptions in our web store or please use the link for a complete list.

  • Which of your products are Certified Kosher?

    You can locate these items in our product descriptions in our web store or please use this link for a complete list.

  • Do you have coupons?

    We do not have coupons but check our Facebook and Instagram pages for giveaways and recipes.

  • Why was this particular item discontinued?

    Usually an item is discontinued because not enough consumers were purchasing it at store level. However, please send us an email with the product you are looking for– there are no guarantees of its return, but we will share it with our Sales and Marketing team.

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