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2 March 2021

Lasagna: A deep dive into the layers


Lasagna originates from Italy, specifically the city of Naples during the Middle Ages. Its name dates back to ancient Greek and Roman laganum,  meaning, ‘cooking pot.’ Lasagna is a baked noodle casserole and unsurprisingly, every region of Italy has its own take on the dish. In Southern Italy, lasagna is commonly made with dried sheets of pasta layered with rich meat ragú, ricotta, and mozzarella. Whereas in Northern Italy, especially in Bologna, the most popular version of lasagna features fresh egg pasta, colored green with spinach, and layered with ragú, bechamel (thick cream sauce), and Parmesan cheese. Wherever you are, one thing remains true, Lasagna is delicious!


The beauty of Lasagna is its versatility: it can be made in a variety of ways to accommodate all dietary needs and tastes. Some modern twists on classic Lasagna include plant-based styles and/or the use of dairy-free ingredients; it can even be prepared vegan and/or gluten-free. Another take on the dish is to remove the traditional red sauce completely and exchange it for a delicious white sauce ergo a White Lasagna. Try some of our lasagna recipes below or create your own using Pastene’s Festonate and one of our jarred red sauces!

The Noodles

Lasagna noodles can come in many forms, from flat layers to home-made, to our traditional Festonate noodles. Each style brings a unique texture and flavor to your dish. To give some more background on our selected style, ‘Festonate’ means “with ribbons”, and refers to the curly style of lasagne noodles that we love to eat. Pastene’s Festonate Noodles are imported from Italy and are made from the highest-quality durum wheat semolina. With no additional ingredients, our noodles are fresh, pure, and delectable.


Here is a collection of Pastene’s favorite lasagna variations! 

White Lasagna: 

This recipe comes from a member of the Pastene family and was passed down generation after generation, withstanding the test of time.

Oven-Baked Lasagna: 

Try this traditional lasagna recipe made with our quality Pastene ingredients like our Tomato Bail Sauce and Festonate Noodles for a quintessential lasagna dinner.

Meatless Lasagna: 

This recipe is ideal for vegetarians or anyone who enjoys the occasional Meatless Monday. It is veggie-filled, cheesy, and above all, delicious. 

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