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7 September 2022


The 76 Best Food and Beverage Holiday Gifts, From Practical to the Over-the-Top Presents

As if this year hasn’t been crazy enough, the holidays are approaching and that means we’re busy trying to plan get-togethers at home, menus to please all palates and ways to make everyone’s 2021 *a little better* in the end. One of the biggest tasks of all involves finding the perfect holiday gifts for our loved ones. Holiday gift guides can be super overwhelming, so let us help! We’ve compiled a lofty list of the 76 best food and beverage gift ideas, that will save you invaluable time this holiday season. Whether you need something unique for the gastronome in your life, or a one-of-a-kind present for the person who already seems to have it all, we have you covered.

Best Food and Beverage Gifts for 2022

Pastene Specialty Gift Box


Pasta enthusiasts will set for countless dinners at home with Pastene’s Specialty Gift Box that includes six different varieties of pasta, two different sauces, four types of gourmet vegetables and a can of Tonno (tuna) to top it all off! Pastene Specialty Gift Box, $40

SOURCE: 76 Best Food and Beverage Gifts

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