Air Fryer Taco Stuffed Shells


16 oz Pastene Italian Jumbo Shells
1 Tbsp Pastene Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 lb extra lean ground beef
1 medium white or yellow onion, diced
1 green bell pepper, diced
1 14 oz can Pastene Fire Roasted Tomatoes, drained
4 Tbsp taco seasoning
2 cups mexican cheese blend, grated
Pastene Guacamole Recipe
sour cream
scallions as garnish, chopped, green parts only


  • Drain and rinse the cooked shells and lay out on a parchment lined baking sheet to prevent sticking. Set aside.
  • Cook the ground beef, onion, tomatoes, and pepper in a medium skillet until the meat is browned and the veggies are tender.
  • Add in taco seasoning and stir to combine; remove from heat.
  • Fill a shell with spoonful of meat and a generous pinch of cheese. Wrap a second shell around the first to seal everything inside. Repeat until all the ingredients are used up.
  • Lightly coat the inside of an airfryer basket with non-stick spray and place the stuffed shells into it. Give the shells a light spray of non-stick spray and secure the basket in the airfryer.
  • Set to 350 and cook for 10 minutes. You may need to cook 2 to 3 batches depending on the size of your airfryer.
  • Flip the shells over and cook or another 5 minutes or until the pasta has a little crunch to it.
  • Once done, remove from the airfryer and enjoy right away with salsa, Pastene Guacamole,¬†and sour cream for dipping!

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