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Sunflower Oil Fries


Serves 2-4
2 cupsPastene Sunflower Oil or enough to fill 1/4 of the pot
salt and pepper to taste


  • Peel potatoes and slice into thin slices. Make sure the fries aren’t cut too thick. Also, make sure the potatoes are cut similarly so that they will cook evenly.
  • Fill a high rimmed pot with ¼ full of Pastene Sunflower Oil.
  • Heat oil on medium-high heat. Monitor at all times.
  • Place fries into hot oil very carefully using a frying spatula. Do not mix fries until they are starting to float to the top.
  • Once all fries have risen to the top, remove and set aside.
  • Salt and season fries!
  • Use Pastene Ketchup Sauce recipe for dipping!

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