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Spicy Tuna Puttanesca Burgers


Makes 4 burgers or 6 sliders
1/3 cupPastene White Kidney Beans, washed and drained, mash with fork.
¼ cupPastene Plain Breadcrumbs, Italian or plain
1 Tbsp Pastene Grated Romano or Parmesan
1 Tbspgrated red onion (about ¼ of a large onion, use a Microplane or box grater, or finely dice) plus more sliced as burger topping
3-4Pastene Sundried Tomatoes, minced
¾ tspPastene Minced Garlic
2 tspcrushed red pepper flakes
2 Tbspminced fresh parsley
¼ tspPastene Capers minced
1 (5 oz) canPastene Skipjack Tuna
Pastene Pignoli (Pine Nuts), optional
Pastene Basil Pesto
Lettuce, tomato, onion, buns
Olive Oil
Pastene Red Wine Vinegar, optional
Pastene Hot Garden Salad, optional



  • In a medium bowl, mash beans well with a fork.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients, except tuna. Blend well with a fork or rubber spatula until you have an emulsified mix.
  • Add tuna mix to combine well.

Optional: Pulse pine nuts and breadcrumbs in a spice grinder or blender. Set aside.

Form patties:

  • Use a 1/3 C measure to scoop the mix into four scoops. Lightly wet hands then shape each into a flat patty shape. Chill patties for 30 minutes. This allows breadcrumbs to absorb the flavors of the other ingredients.
  • Set up your condiment platter: slice some farm-fresh tomatoes or marinate slices of store-bought fresh in a dash of red wine vinegar and olive oil.
  • Mix some pesto with a bit of mayo. Slice some onions thinly. Rinse and spin-dry lettuce.

To cook patties:

  • On the stovetop:
    Preheat cast iron or non-stick skillet, to medium-high. Add about 4 tablespoons olive oil, reduce to medium. Oil It should shimmer, not smoke. Carefully transfer patties to the pan. Fry 3-4 minutes on each side. A fish spatula or wide spatula will make turning the burgers easier. (If you use the pine nut + breadcrumb coat, use lower heat.)
  • Optional: place pine nuts + breadcrumb mixture on a plate, gently press patties into this crumb mix. This coating creates a little crust which is nice, but not necessary. If using, lower heat for cooking.
  • Place a cookie sheet or a cast iron pan in a 375º oven (350º if crumb-coated). When preheated, carefully remove from oven with oven mitts, add oil, transfer patties to the pan. Return to oven bake for 7 minutes on one side, then 7 on the other.

To serve:

  • Place lettuce on a bun, top with burger, add sliced onions and add pesto-mayo as you wish. Serve with a little Hot Garden salad and chips on the side.

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